5 Tips to Help Your Headlines POP!

by Chuck Breckenridge | May 24, 2017

You have less than 10 seconds to capture a prospect’s attention.

One of the single most commanding tools you have to accomplish this task are your headlines. There are several keys to a convincing headline and a few tips to help you make it POP.

Before you can begin:

Tip One – Know Your Audience

Who are your prospects? Who will benefit from your product or service? What problems are they experiencing that relate to your product? In fact, identifying your prospect’s primary problem is the key to a great selling sales letter.

Tip Two – How Do You Solve the Problem?

How does your product or service answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” Determine how your products or services are going to make your prospects’ lives better or solve their problems.

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Tip Three – What Emotions is Your Audience Feeling?

The best headlines tap into the reader’s emotions. For example, Stop Throwing Your Money Away not only evokes curiosity in your reader but if they’re feeling the pinch of the economy they are going to have an emotional reaction to this headline.
Tapping into your prospect’s emotions is a powerful selling and attention grabbing tool. We buy based on emotional reasons. (We justify our buying decision based on logical ones, like price, testimonials, guarantees and so forth.)

Common emotions used in the headline writing and copy writing process includes but are certainly not limited to:

1. Greed
2. Frustration
3. Pride
4. In Control
5. Respect
6. Anger
7. Smart

Tip Four – Use Active language

Active language is language that shows movement and commands attention.
For example, “Stop Throwing Your Money Away!”
Both Stop and Throwing are active and attention grabbing verbs.

Tip Five – Get Personal

Use the word “YOU” or “YOUR” in your headline. This helps your reader instantly connect with the headline – as if you’re speaking directly to them.

Finally, embrace the techniques that expert copywriters use. Many times a headline:

* Makes a promise
* Makes an announcement
* Asks a question
* Arouses curiosity
* Is newsworthy

Contact me today to write your next sales page.  i will provide you with ten to twenty different possible headlines. Then we can test the top two or three for the best results.  Contact me today to get started on your headlines that POP.



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