5 Tips for an Income-Producing Business Venture

by Chuck Breckenridge | April 7, 2018

Choose your future business venture

We are all looking for ways to to fulfill our need for more money. Products and services are getting more expensive every day. Many people are looking to start an extra income-producing business venture.

For many who have invested years in their current career it is a lot to ask to give up their day job. The desire is there to start your home based business venture but do you have the time to make it happen?
With our lives being so busy can you start a new income-producing business venture and keep your current job? Is there room in your time schedule? We can always find a bit of extra time. It might mean that you have to give up some TV time or come home early from the pub. We have to remember – if we hit a home run with our extra income-producing business – you will have all the time you want.

1. Daily Schedule

Take a few moments and write down, in a list, your daily routine. What time do you get out of bed? Then step-by-step continue to list what you do throughout the day. Do this for a couple of days and most of us will find we do have about three hours each day that can be more constructive. You may have to have a drink at home, working on your business, instead of at the pub a night or two less. Do you need to see the daily rerun of “Big Bang” (I love Big Bang) or can you skip that TV time? It will be worth it in the long run.

2. Time ManagementWorking on new business venture

You have to plan out what your daily tasks are going to be and follow through on them. This is efficient time management and it is very hard for a lot of people. Keep with it and it becomes easier everyday. Start by listing everything you want to accomplish tomorrow. Keep this list with you and add to it as the day goes on. Include in your list scheduled time to go to the store and include any travel time you have back and forth to work. You will find that you organize your trips out of the house better to take care of as many things as possible. Schedule time for social media viewing and calling your mom. You will find yourself eliminating time that you waste.

3. House Chores

Schedule time to get your home chores completed. Include when and how long it will take you to get them done. Include in your list things like mowing your lawn, painting the back fence or fixing a broken chair. You will be amazed at how many of these neglected chores get accomplished. Don’t try to get them all finished in one or two days. Spread them out over a period of time in your schedule.

4. Correspondence

BreckAdmin Business VentureI learned from Mr. Rogers of Mister Rogers Neighbourhood to answer my mail and take care of it the day I receive it. Mr. Rogers answered every letter he every received from a fan himself. If it is a bill, pay it. If you cannot pay that day, file it in plain site and write on it the day you will pay it. I keep my inbox clear of all correspondence. You should create folders in your email box to file your emails and keep your inbox clear.

5. Organize

Time is your most valuable asset when creating your new business. Keep your organized! Keep listing what you have to do and include what you what to do. You will learn to arrange your priorities.
Organizing and listing what to do and then doing it will create time to devote to your business venture. Most people do not like to be stuck in a strict schedule. We all realize we need a plan to organize what needs done. The better we can organize ourselves, the more productive and happy we become.
I use my computer calendar for keeping my day updated with my schedule. I also use a daily journal. It helps me remember what is coming up. Here is my go to journal.
That is the secret of successful people. They are simply well organized and try not to waste a moment of their time. Think about it. If you take the time to review your daily routine you will find a couple of extra hours.
When you start to plan your extra income-producing business, use the same process to list what you need to do. This will integrate your business venture into your daily routine.
  • Do what needs done right away. Don’t wait.
  • Don’t try to do everything all at once.
  • Plan out and list what you have to do and when.
  • Plan out and list what you want to do and when.
  • Finish your list and start your projects immediately.

Don’t procrastinate.


Make sure you set out time in your schedule to relax. Include family and friends time in your schedule.

Don’t begin a business venture at the expense of excluding others from your life.

It’s very simple. Once you take stock of wasted time and use it better, you become more efficient. It will improve your ability to accomplish more and you will feel more fulfilled in your life.
I wish you all the best of luck in your income-producing business venture.

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BreckAdmin Business Venture

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