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BreckAdmin offers Virtual Recruitment and Office Services to local businesses and also operates internationally.

Hi! My name is Charles Breckenridge, but please call me Chuck, all my friends and clients do.

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By hiring BreckAdmin, you free up more of your valuable time to work on what you want to. I can take care of your recruitment, copywriting and office needs.
You are receiving a professional and confidential service and can rest easier.
Hiring me as your virtual assistant has many great benefits. One of the many benefits is that I can help you save money! I focus on the little things that may be weighing you down, you focus all your energy on growing your business.
Even if you don’t have a business, I can help you optimize your personal life. I can help you with things that you don’t want to do. Things like setting appointments or even finding your partner a good gift. The benefits of hiring me are limitless.
It doesn’t matter what you need, don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your business requirements with me!
I am the perfect solution for your recruitment, copywriting and/or administration needs.
Contact me and let me tell you what I can do to help you with your business.


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