Incorporate 5 Strategies in Your Content and Social Media Marketing for More Powerful Results.

by Chuck Breckenridge | May 29, 2017

Marketing Tactics are more influential and impressive when they work together.

For example, if you have a social media account you probably have social networking buttons on your blog or website.

Your marketing content is probably one of your most important and effective marketing tactics in your strategy. Content after all is what drives visitors to your website. It makes sense to blend your content marketing efforts with your social media efforts for a really powerful strategy. Here are a few ideas or strategies to integrate your content marketing and social media efforts.

1. Linking.

Each time you publish an article or blog post, why not link to it from social media sites? You can try different approaches to test which works best. Does a straight headline with a link work? Or does your audience prefer a teaser paragraph and a link? Some marketers have found that asking a question works best to motivate click through from social media sites.

2. Publish full articles.

Some social media sites provide room for full articles. For example, LinkedIn and Facebook Fan pages both give you room to publish a profusion of content.

3. Include social media buttons on your site and in your content.

If you have a blog there are plug-ins that you can add to integrate social media buttons. Add these marketing tactics at the top of each blog post. You can also include a call to action in some or all of your posts. You can include a signature that says, “Like this post? Share it on Facebook.”

copy of marketing strategy picture marketing tactics

4. If you’re using article marketing to drive traffic to your site you can link to those published articles from your social media accounts.

You can also include a “Follow me on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn” or whatever sites you use. This helps broaden your audience and your awareness.

5. Use content to grow your social media connections.

Each article or blog post should ideally have a purpose. To promote an affiliate link. Drive traffic to your opt in page. You can use content to build your social network following. Include a call to action at the bottom of your article or blog post and link to your profile. These are some other great marketing tactics.

We’ve actually only touched the surface with how you can integrate your content marketing and social media efforts. There’s tremendous potential here. You can also use social media comments or questions to create content for your site.

Remember that marketing tactics are more powerful when they are integrated with your other existing marketing tactics. Plan your content. Plan your social networking strategy and then plan how they can work together.

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