How To Maximize Your Content For More Traffic

By Chuck Breckenridge | November 28, 2017

There are many things you can do to maximize your content and grow your business. These are just ten of the hundreds of ideas.

#1 Cut it up.

Use snippets and publish them as tips on social networking sites. For example, a single article might have five to ten tips. You can schedule them to be posted on Facebook and Twitter with links to your website in order to maximize your content.

#2 Collect it.

Collect articles and/or blog posts to create a larger downloadable product. For example, you might collect ten articles on the topic of organizing your closet and create a report for your visitors. It’s a nice way to offer something for free and provide your readers more value.

#3 Piecemeal.

Separate reports and ebooks into smaller articles or blog posts to maximize your content and share them on your ezine.

#4 Weekly wrap up.

Create teaser paragraphs for each article or blog post you’ve published the past week and create a weekly wrap up. You can post it as an article and/or send it to your subscribers so they don’t miss a word.

#5 Reuse social networking efforts.maximize your content

If you’re using social networking to grow your business consider pulling comments you’ve made or content you’ve published and use it on your blog or as an article marketing piece. Often, we provide valuable information to others on social networking sites. It’s a shame to not provide that same value to your blog readers or website visitors.

#6 Answers.

You can also use any questions you’ve answered via comments on your blog or social networking sites and publish them on answer sites like Yahoo answers.

#7 Link Love.

Always strive to include a link. You can link to your website to drive traffic to a specific page. Or you can link to an affiliate product that relates to your article.

#8 Ezine.

Repurpose or expand on articles or blog posts you’ve written to provide your subscribers with more information and value.

#9 Syndicate it.

Consider syndicating your ezine content (not your website content or blog content because it’ll cause duplicate content issues). Syndicating your ezine content can help drive traffic to your website or blog and build awareness.

#10 Rewrite it.

Rewrite any and every article or blog post you publish and use it for article marketing purposes. Republish it on article marketing websites or as guest blog posts. Make the most of your writing efforts. In fact, you can hire a Virtual Assistant to rewrite your existing content and double the results.

When you sit down to plan how to maximize your content this week or this month, look at ways to make the most of it and generate traffic and profits.



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