Understanding The Dos and Don’ts of Writing Web Copy

by Chuck Breckenridge | June 5, 2017

Writing your own web copy can save you thousands of dollars.

When you learn a few of the basics there’s no reason why you can’t write your own copy successfully.

In fact, learning some of the dos and don’ts will help you create powerful, high converting, sales copy for your business.

#1 Do spend time on your headline.

Your headline is perhaps the single most important component of your web copy. Without a good headline people simply won’t read the rest of the page. Many people often write thirty or more headlines before they find the one that works best. Test and track various headlines to learn what your audience responds to.

#2 Don’t use jargon.

Imagine reading a sales page that is full of words and phrases you just don’t know. The result is that you might feel stupid or uninformed. You certainly don’t want your readers to feel this way! They may also get the perception that you’re arrogant or pompous. Again, not something you want your readers to think or feel. Instead, use words and phrases that are understood by everyone. If you do use a technical term, explain it so your readers know what it is and why it’s important.

#3 Do write conversationally.

Conversational copy is copy that is written like you speak. It includes use of the words “YOU” and “YOUR.” It also embraces contractions. You may want to share personal examples or experiences too. And of course while it’s important to use proper grammar you may also find that breaking grammar rules helps you connect to your audience and write a better sales page.

Photo working on web copy

#4 Don’t use clichés or figurative language that’s difficult to understand.

Metaphors and figurative language certainly has its place. However, you want to make sure that your audience understands them. If you’re using a regional colloquialism and your audience is all around the world then your chosen phrase may not be understood by the majority of your prospects.

#5 Do use testimonials.

You can advertise the benefits of your product or service until you’re out of breath. One good testimonial from another individual not affiliated with your business can make a sale. People want to know that others have benefited from your product or services. They want a confirmation that their money is being well spent.

When you’re writing your sales copy the most important thing to remember is that you’re writing for your reader. They want to know what’s in it for them and they want to be able to quickly see the benefits.

Write conversationally. Write clearly.
And spend time on your headline.

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